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Welcome to RoboYantrix Robotics

RoboYantrix Robotics is an after-school STEM-based Robotics and Coding skills learning center for children. Our team works to inspire children to explore the exciting world of Science, Engineering, and Technology. We not only work to inspire children to explore the exciting world of Science, Engineering, and Technology but also focus on the other soft skills required for your child’s overall success.Our training programs help to motivate students, who have a dream to pursue studies in the exciting field of  Engineering and Technology. As a result, this program helps in promoting an innovative culture, which is also very essential for taking our future economy to next level.

Prior to starting RoboYantrix Robotics, the founder had a vast experience of about 20+ years of working in the field of Computer Engineering and had contributed in different roles with many renowned global IT companies.

RoboYantrix group shares the same passion as our students do, and we also believe that our children are our next-generation builders, thinkers, and innovators. And, they would be better engaged in technical subjects. When their academic learning is also combined with a related hands-on experience. We provide a fun-filled, motivating, and supportive learning environment for kids to learn and also experiment with their creative ideas.

Why Should your Child learn Robotics?

Canada is a global leader in education, but tomorrow also will bring with it many challenges. We owe it to future generations to think big and also to prepare them to meet these challenges head-on. Parents and educators must set ambitious goals for education to keep pace with increasing knowledge and a technologically driven society especially as other countries compete to do the same.

There is no better time than the present to focus on STEM skills for our kids. By doing so, we can help shape and prioritize STEM learning over the next 50 years.

A grasp of science, technology, engineering, and math will allow future generations to develop into critical thinkers, discoverers, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. A strong foundation of STEM skills will ensure Canadian youth graduate as critical thinkers and informed citizens in a complex world. They will be armed with the skills required to succeed in the career of their choosing.

Our legacy will be one that has inspired the innovators, entrepreneurs, citizens, and discoverers who will lead our country forward.

Our Core Values

    • Make learning fun, engaging, and inspiring

    • Respect every student’s learning pace

    • Provide highly practical hands-on experience

    • Build critical thinking & problem-solving skills

    • Encourage collaborations and teamwork

    • Build confidence and self-esteem

    • Prepare students for future technologies

Meet Our Team

Vijay Chauhan

Vijay started RoboYantrix Robotics in April 2018 after working for 20+ years in the Computer Industry. He is a Computer Engineer and an MBA. He has worked in different capacities with big brands such as NTT Data Inc., Bell Telecom Canada, SaskPower, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Sopra-Steria  & Solvera Inc. He has a passion for Robotics and inspired by the emerging technologies, that are shaping the industry and our lives.

He is also working as a Senior Technical Consultant for a renowned IT company. He enjoys working with kids and helping them to learn new technologies and skills, preparing them for the future.

Jeremy is a Mechatronics engineer from Ryerson University, Toronto. He has a passion for Robotics and enjoy working with children. He is highly skilled in Electronics , Software and Mechanical engineering concepts. His skills are valuable for our students at Roboyantrix Robotics.

Our students love to learn from Jeremy. He is also a coach for Roboyantrix team for Robotics competition like FLL And World Robotics Olympiad (WRO).

Online Robotics classes instructor
Jeremy Cheung
Online Robotics instructor designer
Ivan Cai

Ivan is our Student coach. He is Tech enthusiast  He has a good grasp of computer languages Java and Python. He has been working with different microcontroller boards of educational Robotics such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He has been a primary contributor to our online coding program curriculum.

He is a coach for our students participating in various Coding competitions. 

Shrubz is the student coach for our Robotics Junior Program. She has a passion for STEM subjects and has been training our  students using Lego EV3 and Spike kits. She was also instrumental in designing our Robotics program for highschool kids.

She ensures that our students are not overwhelmed by the information.  Her focus always has been to make learning a fun activity for the kids.

Roboyantrix teacher


Aryan is a computer coding instructor for our junior program. He is is passionate about learning new technologies. He has been a source for inspiraton to the RoboYantrix team. He keeps on challenging himself to new levels by writing complex programs and developing games and animation. He has been instrumental in providing the required feedback about learning program for kids and making the Roboyantrix team understand what kids really expect from our Learning Centre.

Aryan has participated in many Robotics and coding competitions and won awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Ans. Our Online Coding and Robotics Program are suitable for kids Ages 7 to 14 years old.

 Ans. Our learning programs are in-class and online.

 Ans. All our programs are online, you should just keep your notebook for taking notes. Please keep a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

 Ans. The class will have a maximum of 5 kids. Kids will work in teams to code robots.

 Ans. No prior experience or knowledge of robotics/coding is required.

 Ans. You can pay the fees using online PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Interac eTransfer

Ans. We understand that due to some un-avoidable circumstances, students may not attend a class. We offer 1 class per month that can be re-scheduled after mutual discussion of the instructor’s availability.

"We cannot always build the future for our child, but we can build our child for the future."