Scratch Programming

Learn Scratch Programming

Eligibility :(Age 7+ Years)

This program will teach students how to program using Scratch Programming Language. Scratch is a graphical programming language, where children can drag and combine code blocks to make a range of exciting computer programs, animations, games, simulations, stories, music, and, art. Children will learn the basics of scratch programming and creative computing using a design-based learning approach. This program is used in K-12 schools all over the globe to introduce basic programming concepts to children.

Scratch enables students to create projects that express their ideas. With Scratch Programming our goal is to teach young students how to use coding to bring their ideas to life. By making projects, they learn to grasp computational concepts, such as sequencing, iteration, and variables, and computational practices, such as debugging and abstraction. More importantly, they develop the ability to carry out ideas from start to finish — envisioning possibilities, solving problems they encounter, presenting their creations, and revising based on feedback.

Coding will certainly open the doors to a successful future for our kids. If they don’t learn how to code today, it will be even harder and more challenging to join the workforce in the years to come.

Therefore, initiatives like Scratch, which were created in a friendly and colorful way are an amazing way for our kids to start developing important skills such as computational thinking, algorithmic logic, and creativity.

The Scratch Coding program at RoboYantrix is divided into 3 levels

  • Level -1 (Beginner)
  • Level- 2 (Intermediate)
  • Level- 3 (Advanced)

Each level is 12 weekly Instructor-led classes, which are 1 hour each.

Computer skills teaches your kids how to solve issues by looking at the bigger picture, and then develop ways of how to break them down into smaller and more manageable tasks.