Trusted by Our Students and Happy Parents

From the first day we met Mr.Vijay he has been supportive and a great teacher for our kids. They look forward to each session and come home excited about their experience and learning..”

Shala Nagu (Google)

Our children has attended about a year at Roboyantrix Robotics. kids are learning to assemble and programme robotics with great interest.The facility is clean and organized. The instructors are welcoming, knowledgeable.The most important part is that my kids are having fun..”

Nagu Nades (Google )

Roboyantrix Robotics is the place, where each kids has an opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and learn programming in a fun way! My kids attend Roboyantrix Robotics and they enjoy the classes very much. The teachers are very patient and helps the kids with any questions they have. I highly recommend this place to kids with a passion for robotics!.”

Shaki Shiva (Facebook )

Vision, Enthusiastic & Guidance are the words I would use to describe Roboyantrix. My kid grows her interest in Robotics that I don’t expect at the beginning. I believe she will continue to develop the interest, problem solving skill, courage to take challenge, and the most important aspect of the journey- teamwork, respect & never give up. Keep up the good work!!

Raymond Lee (Facebook)

My son started this program a few month ago and he really enjoys it. One of the best things is that the coach of this program, Vjay, is not just teaching technical theory as a group but he also concerns each individuals’ characters and even afterwork program. I feel like my son has joined one of the best  program. I love this program and I am even considering suggesting Vijay to open classes for young adults like college or university students for my older son. I really appreciate Vjay’s full supports and highly professional education. Thank you..”

Yujin Jang (Facebook)

“To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, our kids need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.”