Robotics (Senior)

Robotics Learning Program LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 / Spike Prime Robotics

Eligibility :(Age 9+ Years)

This program is designed for ages 9 – 14 years. It provides an introduction to robotics for students with no programming background using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3/ Spike Prime educational kits. Students will construct, program, and control robots through investigative and exploration activities. Additionally, they will be encouraged to seek information and their research activities will expose them to the engineering process. They will be introduced to concepts such as coding, looping, decision making, and flow control as they utilize the visual drag-and-drop programming interface. Students will discover projects that offer challenging designs and levels of complexity.

Mindstorms programming develops the students’ process thinking and strengthens some fundamental mathematics concepts such as the familiarity of angles, the importance of decimal place, etc. While designing and building the robot and its attachments for different challenges, it encourages children to adopt a divergent solution mindset and inventiveness

Students are taught how to write programs using graphical programming. The students will complete numerous challenges with various levels of difficulty with their teammates. Students do not need any previous experience, and they are taught everything they need to know. Class instructions are adapted for every student’s level of grasping concepts. Courses are designed to also develop non‐technical areas such as presentation skills, teamwork, perseverance and creativity.

The Lego® Mindstorms® EV3 Robotics training program at RoboYantrix is divided into 3 levels

  • Level -1 (Beginner Level)
  • Level- 2 (Intermediate Level)
  • Level- 3 (Advanced Level)

Each level is 12 weekly Instructor-led classes , which is 60 minutes each.


Learning To Code Develops Problem Solving And Computational Thinking Skills