Why Learn Coding?

Why should kids learn Coding?

Computer programming, often referred to as coding, is the act of giving a computer a set of instructions in a language that it understands for it to carry out the given command. With the prominence of technology increasing day by day, the importance of learning about technology or just having a simple understanding of how it works grows as time goes by. Whether it be mobile devices, laptops, or any smart device, we use equipment that is coded by somebody else or a huge team of programmers. The potential of technology is endless, allowing us to automate many tasks that we generally find tedious or inefficient and being able to code, one has complete control over what a computer can do. Learning a programming language is practically identical to learning an actual language, and similar to learning a new language, we tend to pick new concepts up at a faster pace when we are young. Exposure to programming at a young age is not only easier, but can also provide numerous other benefits. With the correct resources, programming can be a much easier task, being the sole purpose of this Python program. Being deemed as the fastest-growing language due to its simplicity and versatility, here are some reasons why one should learn this language.

  1. Easy for beginner coders

Python is a programming language that has one of the simplest and non-complicated syntaxes to understand, with a more comprehensive language for new coders. Due to its straightforward learning and usage, much of python’s code can be very efficient to write and execute, unlike other programming languages. Children will learn the fundamentals of all coding when learning a language like Python.

  1. Effective programming language

Python is an efficient and reliable programming language that can be more effective than other languages in the work industry. Additionally, it can be used in a variety of coding environments such as mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, hardware programming, and countless others. The versatility of Python allows children to apply their knowledge to hundreds of different coding projects in their future careers. 

  1. Popular demand for Python

The reason why people learn Python is because of its high demand in the development market. Trends like big data, machine learning, and cloud computing all use Python to ease analyzing and organizing data. Many programmers and data scientists use Python for their development projects. As such, this creates many job opportunities for children so they can pursue a variety of career options.

  1. Python in academics

Due to Python’s popularity in the computer science industry, many schools and colleges have decided to teach this programming language. With the increase in demand for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and data science, education has opted to teach Python to students. As such, children can perform better in school and achieve higher grades for coding-related courses. 

  1. Enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Children developing their critical thinking skills now will serve them for many years to come. In coding, students are required to solve complicated tasks with increasing difficulty. Coding makes a person think of how they can successfully resolve a problem by spending time understanding it. If an error occurs within the code, children will learn to think critically and keep trying to solve the issue. By doing so, children can understand a problem and how to fix it, learning from their mistakes. Children can transfer these skills to their future occupations to overcome difficult obstacles, even if they do not become computer scientists.

  1. Builds confidence

Students will develop their coding skills until they are capable of creating projects on their own. After spending lots of time completing coding assignments, many children will feel more and more confident in their coding abilities. Additionally, students will feel satisfied with their accomplishments when they finish coding and feel proud of themselves for doing it individually. This self-confidence will help them grow to become successful and capable in the future.

  1. Encourages creative and diverse thinking

Unlike many classes taught in school, coding develops a child’s creative and diverse thinking. Due to coding’s open-ended solutions, children are allowed to open their minds to new and innovative ways of thinking. Later down the road, children will become wittier and open to new ideas which can help in academics, future occupations, and day-to-day problems. Coding provides an opportunity for children to develop the necessary skills to open up to others’ suggestions and think outside of the box.

Kids can change the world. All they need is a little start Give your child a right start today.