Online Robotics

Online Virtual Robotics Program using VEX VR Cloud Platform

Eligibility :(Age 7+ Years)

The RoboYantrix Virtual Robotics Online learning program is designed to introduce robotics to children ages 7+ years old using most advanced online Vex VR web based training Program. This program will introduce introduce Robotics to children from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Kids will code virtual 3D Robots using an online learning environment, known to be the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to learn Robotics. Children will learn to code virtual 3D Robots. Just like using a flight simulator, your child will have a lot of fun coding Robots to navigate various 3D mazes while learning the foundations of mechanics, physics and engineering.

VEXcode VR lets your child code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks. VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same programming environment used for VEX 123, GO, IQ and V5 robots. We all know that robots make Computer Science (CS) come to life with real world applications.

The Virtual Robotics training program at RoboYantrix is divided into 3 levels

  • Level -1 (Beginner)
  • Level- 2 (Intermediate)
  • Level- 3 (Advanced)

Each level is 12 weekly Instructor-led classes, which is 1 hour each.


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